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Private Label Spirits

BarrelRM Private Label Services can make your dreams a drinkable reality.

The Benefits of Private Label Production

Private label spirit production is an opportunity to deliver a truly unique, quality product, launch faster, and optimize costs.

Elevate your brand with our innovative solutions. Embrace speed, creativity, cost savings, and sustainability.

Faster to Market

Say goodbye to the lengthy aging process. Our advanced methods enable you to bring your spirits to market in record time, ensuring you’re ahead of the competition.

Unleash Creativity

Embrace the freedom to experiment and create. Our technology empowers you to craft unique flavor profiles, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the spirits industry.

Cost Savings

Optimize your budget without compromising on quality. BarrelRM’s efficient processes and reduced aging times mean significant cost savings, helping you achieve greater profitability.


By eliminating the need for lengthy barrel aging, you contribute to a greener future, reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional methods.

Who is private labeling for?

Private label are for any business that wants to offer a comprehensive branded experience.

This includes event organizers that want to sell drinks with their own logo, grocery retailers with a strong store brand, hotel chains that want to offer guests a signature beverage on arrival, and entertainers and personalities that want to extend their personal brand. Our private label spirits provide you with the opportunity to tailor your custom beverage to your consumer.

The possibilities are endless. Got a crazy idea? Lay it on us.

What Spirits We Offer

From corn whiskey to port-finished heavy rum, our customized spirits are sure to match the flavor, aroma, and finish you are looking for.


American Single Malt
Sherry/Port/Wine Finished


Jamaican high ester
Tiki Blends
Colonial Style
Light Cuban style
Sherry/port/Wine Finished



California Agave
American Agave

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